Purposeful marketing
However ambitious it may sound, we are determined to contribute to the health of our planet and to the sustainability of human civilization. We realize this may sound contrary to the conventional understanding of marketing and advertising (too often they are seen as forces to stimulate consumption). Yet the marketers, designers, and developers working in our agency are dedicated to promoting the technologies, products and services which foster a clean future for our planet and all humanity.
How can you breakthrough?
Generate leads through:
• Search Engine Optimization
• Advertising (Google, display, Youtube, social media)
• Public relations (analyst relations, social media, press, blogging)
• Preparation for and participation in trade shows, conferences
• Product review generation
• Planning and promoting online events
• Website and app development
• Conversion optimization
• Web and mobile analytics
Nurture the leads through:
• Interaction with website visitors
• Interaction with in-app leads
• Email marketing, drip campaigns
• Marketing automation
• Webinar marketing
• Development of presentations, case studies
Understand your customers
and embrace market trends through:
• Market research
• Customer surveys & analysis
• Optimization of marketing processes
Our customers
Currently we serve IT companies and educational institutions,
but we will be excited to spread our wings
and also work for companies
offering products or services for:

Efficient use
of resources



Smart home

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