Marketing Services
for Regenerative
Agriculture Companies

Marketing services for Regenerative Agriculture Companies Marketing services for Regenerative Agriculture Companies

At Orange Bird Sustainability Marketing Agency, our mission is to help climate solutions be successful. Regenerative agriculture has a positive impact on the environment, human health, and society. Because we believe so strongly in the benefits, we have been marketing regenerative agriculture companies since 2018. Orange Bird’s experience as a Regen Ag marketing agency enables us to effectively support organizations that develop and provide climate solutions: from Agtech to carbon drawdown and nature-based solutions. As you will quickly see when you start working with us, we’re devoted to delivering excellence in Regenerative Ag marketing to brands who strive to restore our planet.

Do You Need a Regen Ag Marketing Agency?

Consumers increasingly seek out organic food and sustainably produced agricultural products. Similarly, responsible businesses favor partnerships with organizations that are involved in nature-positive, regenerative agriculture. The time is ripe for regen ag solutions! Having a marketing partner with specialized knowledge and expertise to find the right audiences and cost-effective channels can help regenerative agriculture companies gain the edge to win over environmentally damaging incumbents.

Orange Bird focuses on creating marketing campaigns that help regenerative agriculture solutions achieve both environmental and commercial objectives. We are proud to be recognized as one of the top product marketing agencies globally with Clutch’s Global Award for Product Marketing 2024 🏆

By choosing Orange Bird as your Regen Ag marketing agency, you’ll gain access to a multi-disciplinary team with extensive AgTech and nature-based industry knowledge and marketing experience.

Orange Bird Helps Regenerative Agriculture Brands to:

  1. Establish viable markets for products or services
  2. Define their target audience(s)
  3. Identify valuable buyer personas
  4. Develop their brand identity
  5. Map customer journeys
  6. Increase engagement
  7. Raise brand awareness
  8. Run successful marketing campaigns with optimal ROI
  9. Become regen ag industry leaders

What We Offer

As a full-service sustainability marketing agency, Orange Bird provides a variety of marketing services, including:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Media & PR
  • Analyst Relations
  • Website Design and Development

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Examples of Results for Regenerative Ag Clients

Using agile methodologies and consistent optimisation techniques, we create and execute campaigns that deliver maximum performance and an enhanced ROI, which is why our results speak for themselves!

Go-To-Market Activities for OneSoil

OneSoil provides digital agriculture software that helps farmers be more profitable and sustainable. To reach a global agriculture market, OneSoil sought Orange Bird’s help for GtM activities.

Goal #1 AG Market Survey

How Orange Bird helped:

  • Developed a clear survey to collect qualitative and quantitative data about farmers’ pain points  and market gaps
  • Tested and translated the survey for international audiences
  • Implemented technical solution for distribution and collecting responses
  • Researched and selected distribution channels, including associations, email, targeted social groups, and paid ads
  • Solicited respondents and carried out GtM research
  • Performed ongoing optimization to achieve the most impactful data
AG Market Survey

The results:

survey responses
from agronomists and farmers
avg cost per survey response
AG Market Survey Read the customer story
Goal #2 Drive App Downloads

How Orange Bird helped:

  • Developed a Customer Journey Map to identify stages of interest, user actions, and channels
  • Developed, executed and optimized Meta and Google Ads campaigns
  • Translated marketing content for German and English-speaking audiences
  • Analyzed user behavior and optimized campaigns for high engagement
  • Tested and optimized various funnels and ad formats

The results:

One Soil quickly received the required base of beta testers with a low average cost per install of
Some channels achieving CPI of only
Drive App Downloads
Drive App Downloads Read the customer story

PR and Marketing for iFarm

iFarm provides plug-and-play vertical farms and ag software for urban farming. Based in Finland, iFarm engaged Orange Bird to support their efforts to expand its market penetration into Central and Western Europe.

Goal #1 English Content Marketing Program

How Orange Bird helped:

  • Developed a content strategy for iFarm’s English blog
  • Created an editorial calendar with defined audiences, topics, and keywords
  • Provided a steady stream of articles researched and written by Orange Bird’s native English professional copywriters
  • Proofread and edited all other English communications
  • Created a library of guidelines, templates and materials relating to iFarm technology and vertical farming
  • Monitored and optimized iFarm blog’s searchability

English Content Marketing Program
Read the customer story
Goal #1 English Content Marketing Program

Examples of Orange Bird’s Content

How much electricity does a vertical farm use with iFarm technologies How much electricity does a vertical farm use with iFarm technologies Read
How iFarm vertical farms save water How iFarm vertical farms save water Read
iFarm, YASAI and Logiqs to start a vertical farm in Zurich iFarm, YASAI and Logiqs to start a vertical farm in Zurich Read
iFarm, YASAI and Logiqs to start a vertical farm in Zurich Hydroponic system to Grow Cucumbers with iFarm technology Read

EN Content Marketing Program Results:

Lower bounce rate of the English blog for the users who read our articles
of those who read the blog articles returned to the website
of online conversions since the 1st article was published made up by article readers
Read the customer story
Goal #2 Earn Media Visibility and Recognition

How Orange Bird helped:

  • Created a database of media outlets, bloggers, and social communities for news release distribution
  • Prepared media-oriented communication materials
  • Developed and executed pitches on behalf of iFarm
  • Distributed press releases and announcements
  • Coordinated iFarm’s participation in events and awards

The results:

  • iFarm obtained the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label
  • Great coverage for press releases. For example, even a very narrow-focused press release was picked up by 17 leading industry publications

English Content Marketing Program

Read the customer story

Sales Materials for Varda

Varda AG makes farm and field data more accessible to accelerate the transition to a nature-positive food system. Orange Bird is helping Varda create sales enablement materials.

Goal #1 Professional Sales Enablement Materials

How Orange Bird helped:

Copyediting and design Copyediting and design See the FAQ brochure
Design, refining the content Design, refining the content See the Company presentation
Professional Sales Enablement Materials

Catalyzing Climate Action

Native is a carbon offset project developer that catalyzes high-impact climate action by engaging brands and communities. Orange Bird is helping Native with content and design, website development, and email marketing.

Goal #1 Refine Native’s messaging

How Orange Bird helped:

  • Connect with target audience of purpose-led brands
  • Embody Native’s mission for catalytic climate action.

The result:

A value proposition that educates and activates their B2B audience in a clear, concise and actionable way.

Refine Native’s messaging
Refine Native’s messaging Read the customer story
Goal #2 Redesign the website


Native’s previous website contained volumes of informative content, but in a variety of styles and aimed toward both individuals and businesses. Native’s primary audience – purpose-led brands – were confused about how to navigate the site and accomplish their goals.

Orange Bird helped by:

  • refocusing the message in an immersive homepage
  • creating clear and inviting calls-to-action
  • developing a more intuitive navigation experience
  • building key landing pages
  • performing technical updates for improved site speed and search engine optimization.

The results:

leads in the first 3 months
Redesign the website
Redesign the website
Read the customer story
Goal #3 Coordinate and promote a webinar to share Native’s thought-leadership, generate B2B leads and engage prospects

The result:

Achieved Native’s goal of advancing the conversation about a contribution-based approach to climate finance and generated 69 highly targeted and engaged leads organically.

Coordinate and promote a webinar to share Native’s thought-leadership, generate B2B leads and engage prospects

Coordinate and promote a webinar to share Native’s thought-leadership, generate B2B leads and engage prospects Read the customer story
Goal #4 Showcase the impact of Native’s climate projects


Native’s project overviews were informative and detailed, but lacked a consistent structure and compelling calls to action.

Orange Bird helped by:

  • developing an interactive digital globe where visitors could find projects by region
  • creating new pages to highlight projects by type
  • developing a project overview template to showcase projects in a consistent and digestible format with descriptive and engaging content and clear directions about how to take action

The results:

Potential supporters can easily find the projects they care about most, understand their impact, and take action to get involved.

Redesign the website
Redesign the website
Read the customer story

Go-To-Market Strategy & Execution For Carbon Finance

AVID is democratizing the carbon markets by developing the first retail platform for climate impact investing. Orange Bird is helping AVID execute a comprehensive Go-to-Market strategy; including branding, advertising, website development, social media, email marketing, PR, and various other marketing activities.

Orange Bird is helping AVID:

  • develop their go-to-market strategy
  • define their positioning, generate awareness
  • build a pre-launch waitlist for their platform
Orange Bird is helping AVID
Orange Bird is helping AVID
Orange Bird is helping AVID
Orange Bird is helping AVID
Orange Bird is helping AVID

Key results in the first 20 weeks:

Conducted strategic customer segment experiment with
certainty for buyer persona, eliminating months of expensive trial & error
Slashed cost per lead (CPL) by
from $100 to $7 per lead
Launched LinkedIn channel, earning
organic followers in the first 4 weeks
Developed and published dedicated landing pages for AVID
Developed and implemented an automated email sequence for lead nurturing
Created high-quality video animations and interview videos for social channels
contacts waitlisted for the platform
PR launch plan
with exclusive peek for key corporates and media + global rollout
Read the customer story

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What Do AgTech Clients Say About Orange Bird?

“Orange Bird’s knowledge of sustainability, CleanTech and AgTech is second-to-none, while their transparency, attention to detail and dedication shine through in every assignment and communication. As a global company, it’s important for us to implement campaigns in different markets and Orange Bird’s multi-national team facilitates this easily and successfully.
In short, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Orange Bird Agency and highly recommend them to other organisations looking for a sustainability marketing agency!”
Max Chizhov, Co-Founder, iFarm
“Orange Bird provides a wide range of capabilities from technical to creative, as well as seamless connection across these capabilities. Orange Bird crafts a solution and knows how it will be implemented from the technical build-out to the visual impression. We feel like we are fully served.
Orange Bird is swift, clever, and at once a great listener and a firm expert leader. You hear what we need and you bring your expertise to deliver it. Well. And quickly. Every time.
Jennifer Cooper, Vice President, Native

Elevate Your Regen Ag Marketing with Orange Bird

If you’re a regenerative agriculture brand with a genuine climate solution, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re looking for support with a specific Agtech marketing service or you’re eager to partner with a full-service Regen Ag marketing agency to develop and implement a winning marketing strategy, our team will impress you with dedication and results.

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