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Professional Media and PR services to build authentic relations with media, influencers and your target audience

The Marketing “Rule of 7” states that a prospect needs to hear/see your brand’s message at least 7 times before they’ll consider taking action and buying it. For sustainable, cleantech and circular companies, this rule is even stricter, their target audiences need even more touchpoints: the products/services of such companies are conceptually different from traditional and polluting products/services so it takes more time and touchpoints for the target audiences to grasp the value proposition of such companies and to consider switching from traditional ones.

Orange Bird is happy to assist you in making these touchpoints valuable for users and cost-effective for your company.

A high-level overview of related activities we regularly perform for clients who work on the climate crisis and foster sustainability:


Research the needs of your target audience which are covered by your product/service. Conduct interviews/surveys of the Buyer Personas to understand the needs and use cases better.


Create a prioritized cluster of topics around these needs. Develop a PR strategy.


Find the media, bloggers, vloggers, events and influencers that already effectively work with these topics, are trusted by your target audience and are highly visible in search engines for respective keywords.


Create a media database for each target segment. Connect with the selected editors, journalists, bloggers, podcasters and influencers.


Develop authentic relations by working one-on-one with them and by providing helpful information (including product updates and well-thought-out press releases) to meet their needs and to help them create engaging articles, podcasts, videos on the topics relevant to your target audience. React to their new articles and posts, try to understand these media and influencers better in order to become more helpful to them.


Gather story angles about the trends and problems acute for your target audience, engage the editorial team, influencers and coordinate the creation and publication of articles and posts relevant and useful for your target audience.


Pitch and write professional articles, interviews, case studies, organise or create podcasts and videos. Our native English, Dutch and Russian PR specialists and copywriters will gladly help you create valuable and original content. And we have the experience of having this content published by highly visible media!


Invite media and influencers to the online or offline events organised by your company or third-parties. Work with the media and influencers during the events, follow up after the events with appropriate materials to guarantee news coverage.


Monitor mentions of your brand in order to timely respond to the mentions and to deepen the contact with the media/influencers, their followers and your company’s followers.

Examples of our work

Orange Bird is proud to promote businesses that advance sustainable practices and provide circular economy solutions. We’re a trusted PR partner for climate tech, cleantech and circular companies. Our experienced PR team helps clients find their voice, tell their story and reach their target audience, allowing them to build credibility and have a great impact on the world. Have a look at some of Orange Bird’s public relations projects:

Climate Tech PR

Within a six-month period, with external coverage, we secured 3,000 backlinks to Climeon’s website.

Cleantech PR

A single press release for greentech company iFarm was picked up by 17 leading industry publications.

Articles and Blog Posts Written by Orange Bird Agency

Examples of press releases written by Orange Bird

Work with Influencers

We have helped our client Targetprocess get recognised as a worldwide leader by Gartner, which is #1 authority in their industry. As a result, new enterprise-grade prospects inform Targetprocess they have used Gartner’s reports to find the product.

Modern Formats

When it is relevant for your target audience, we do not limit ourselves to the traditional formats of articles and posts. We like experimenting! For example, for our client Targetprocess, we have recently recorded and developed video cases studies. To dive into how marketing can support a circular economy, we have recorded an episode with one of the most popular podcasts about the circular economy @Intheloopgames.

Collaboration with the Academic Community

Together with a professor of marketing from the University of British Columbia’s School of Business, we have explored the research “How to SHIFT Consumer Behaviours to be More Sustainable: A Literature Review and Guiding Framework”. The collaboration resulted in the Network for Business Sustainability’s podcast and the article “How to be a sustainable marketer”.

Nowadays, it takes a professional approach and mastery to cut through the noise and reach your target audience, let’s discuss how your company can accomplish this with the help of Orange Bird!