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Customer Profile:

Name: Climeon
Industry: Clean Energy, Cleantech
Low-temperature waste heat recovery technology that converts unused waste heat into clean, carbon-free electricity.
Target markets:
Target audience:
Senior decision-makers in the maritime, energy, geothermal and industrial sectors.


Launched in 2011, Climeon is a publicly listed energy technology company based in Sweden. Designing and creating waste heat recovery solutions, its primary objective is to empower companies to reduce emissions, increase reliance on renewable power and do ‘business for a better world’.

As a leading energy tech developer, Climeon offers waste heat recovery solutions across a number of industries, including maritime, power generation, geothermal and industrial. Orange Bird began providing cleantech marketing services to technology company, Climeon, in Aug 2021 and soon delivered impressive results for the waste heat recovery specialists.

Transforming low-temperature waste heat into clean, renewable electricity, Climeon’s technology has the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions throughout notably high-emitting sectors. By doing so, Climeon enables companies and organisations to comply with ever-increasing environmental regulations, reduce operating costs and increase sustainability.

An image of Climeon's blue and white HeatPower 300 Marine module. To the left of the unit, a circular logo is shown in white and gold. Around the top of the circle, text reads 'Product of the Year' and, around the bottom, 'Seatrade Cruise Awards'. In the middle of the circle, text reads, 'Seatrade Cruise Awards Winner 2022
Climeon’s award-winning HeatPower 300 Marine module converts low-temp waste heat on board ships into clean, carbon-free electricity. Orange Bird helped create a targeted product launch strategy to increase brand awareness and generate engagement within Climeon’s target markets.

Cleantech Marketing for Climeon

Tasked with conveying the highly technical aspects of Climeon’s product in an appropriate, enticing and accurate manner, Orange Bird set about creating a cleantech marketing strategy that would:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate sales
  • Boost engagement
  • Nurture investor relations

To achieve these goals, we’ve deployed a number of tactics and used a variety of marketing methods and channels, including:

  • Branding and design
  • Content creation
  • SEO
  • PR services
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web development and maintenance

How Orange Bird Helped

The Orange Bird team was excited to assist Climeon in achieving its goals and sharing its waste heat recovery technology with a growing audience. Developing a cleantech marketing strategy and undertaking planning, content creation and campaign execution, Orange Bird provides Climeon with end-to-end cleantech marketing services, including:

Market Research

To maximise the impact of marketing activities, Orange Bird identified key Buyer Personas within Climeon’s target markets. These individuals are typically the decision-makers who will determine how, when and whether to partner with Climeon – so understanding their needs, wants and pain points is essential to creating mutually beneficial partnerships!

Keyword Research and Topic Clusters

Accurate keyword research underpins successful cleantech organic SEO and paid campaigns, which is why Orange Bird set about identifying high-priority keywords for Climeon’s target audience(s). By segmenting keyword research based on our predefined Buyer Personas, we were able to identify the key terms and topic clusters that are most relevant to Climeon’s target decision-makers and use this as part of our content marketing strategy.

Product Development and Launch

As Climeon’s in-house team developed a new product, HeatPower 300, Orange Bird carried out market research and competitor analysis, reviewed trademark availability, helped to establish a target market, identify relevant associative-neologistic product names and create a marketing strategy for a successful launch.

As part of the product development and launch process, we created original content using our team of native English-speaking copywriters and experienced designers, developed a product story to transition prospects from the existing product to the new technology and executed a range of activities to build anticipation before the official launch.

Industry Awards

Generating awareness within Climeon’s target markets was a top priority and securing reputable industry awards is a sure-fire way to increase brand recognition and boost engagement. With HeatPower 300 Marine ready to hit the market, Orange Bird prepared Climeon’s submission for the prestigious Seatrade Cruise Awards 2022 and, low and behold, Climeon’s HeatPower 300 Marine was named Product of the Year 2022:

Two men and two women are shown standing on a stage in front of a dark blue background, smiling at the camera. Above the people, light green text reads, 'And the winner is...' and the woman in the centre left is shown holding an award. To the bottom left of the image, a circular logo is shown in white and gold. Around the top of the circle, text reads 'Product of the Year' and, around the bottom, 'Seatrade Cruise Awards'. In the middle of the circle, text reads, 'Seatrade Cruise Awards Winner 2022
Climeon accepts the Product of the Year award for its HeatPower 300 Marine technology at the Seatrade Cruise Awards 2022.
Branding and Design

Climeon was eager to update its website design, refresh its contents and integrate design assets and information relating to its new product. Orange Bird’s in-house design team worked closely with Climeon to maximise the impact of the brand’s digital assets, retain the existing brand values and create a fresh, new feel for the company’s website:

Orange Bird designed and built new web pages for Climeon’s latest product launch.
Content Marketing

Content is used as part of every marketing activity, so it’s important that it represents the brand accurately, engages its target audience(s) and supports an overarching objective. Used as part of Climeon’s organic SEO, paid advertising campaigns, new product launch and more, Orange Bird researched, authored and optimised numerous pieces of original content, including:

Press and PR

Orange Bird conducted sector-specific research to identify high-priority publications and PR outlets within Climeon’s target markets and set up inbound PR alerts using tools such as HARO, Source Bottle, Quoted etc.

We also ensured Climeon was featured in its first three industry analyst reports and secured coverage in leading publications and on highly reputable websites, including Sea Technology, Clean Shipping International, The Times, Ships and Ports and Renewable Energy Magazine.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising and PPC campaigns gave Climeon the opportunity to generate new leads, increase brand awareness within its target markets and optimise engagement. To maximise results and enhance the cost-effectiveness of campaigns, Orange Bird targeted senior decision-makers on popular platforms within Climeon’s established Buyer Personas with engaging and eye-catching ads:

Three screenshots of LinkedIn Ads are shown. All three ads are maritime-focused and include text that relates to Climeon's HeatPower 300 Marine module. At the bottom of each image, user icons are shown indicating reactions and responses to the ads.
For example, in a highly targeted LinkedIn campaign, Orange Bird achieved:
Conversion rate
Video view-through rate
Industry benchmarks:
Email Marketing

As well as launching Climeon’s very own newsletter, we teamed up with maritime website gCaptain for a collaborative email marketing campaign. Creating engaging copy, impactful visuals and writing the code, Orange Bird executed an extremely successful campaign, achieving an open rate of 40.21% (benchmark 19.66%) and conversion rates of 5.96% and 3.43% (benchmark 1.22%).

Open rate
Industry benchmarks:
Conversion Goal 1
Conversion Goal 2
Two smartphone screens are shown in vertical portrait mode. On the first, an example of a marketing email sent by Climeon shows the Climeon logo in white against a navy background with white and navy blocks, green buttons and a picture of a geothermal landscape. On the second smartphone, another example of a Climeon marketing email is shown with grey, navy and light green blocks along with text and maritime-focused images.
Orange Bird regularly creates attention-grabbing emails to maximise engagement amongst Climeon’s target audiences.

As a result of this campaign, Climeon’s weekly website traffic increased by 91.08% and contact submissions rose by a whopping 669.23%. With an equivalent cost per click of 0.85 USD and a cost per conversion of 24.86 USD (average 53 USD), Orange Bird’s cleantech email marketing campaign for Climeon delivered maximum results at a low cost.

Weekly website traffic increased by:
Contact submissions rose by
Cost per conversion
Social Media Marketing

Climeon is active on five social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, with LinkedIn proving to generate the most engagement for the brand. To initiate Orange Bird’s social media marketing, we redesigned Climeon’s social media assets, created engaging social media templates and optimised Climeon’s social media profiles.

Over the course of our cleantech marketing collaboration, Orange Bird created insightful copy and engaging visuals for Climeon’s social media platforms. Within 12 months, Climeon’s LinkedIn performance went from strength-to-strength:

Marketing Automation

Throughout our ongoing partnership, we’ve helped Climeon to implement automated workflows and access targeted marketing tools to build a cohesive and effective cleantech marketing campaign infrastructure. With marketing automation now in place, Climeon’s campaigns are optimised for maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and performance.

Website Optimisation and Maintenance

As well as designing and building new web pages for the Climeon website, Orange Bird has optimised the site to improve performance, enhance SEO rankings and upgrade the user experience (UX). Additionally, we used Google Analytics, Core Web Vitals and Search Console to monitor performance, identify potential issues and implement fixes.

As a result of our technical optimisation, Climeon’s website speed improved significantly, with individual page speeds rising by 30 points on average.

“When searching for a marketing agency, it was important for us to find a team that could understand our technology and complex market space, had solid B2B marketing experience and a wide array of marketing expertise. Finding an agency that shared our passion for innovative climate solutions was an added bonus that we were thrilled to find.

Orange Bird, from the start, has exceeded our expectations in every way. We were immediately impressed by the organization and the transparency they provide in all of the work they do. They quickly undertook the challenge of learning our complex technology and market space and in a short time developed a thorough understanding of our business.

They are a pleasure to work with and always seem to be one step ahead. They take on every project with enthusiasm and never need more than a quick chat to deliver beyond our expectations.

We are grateful for the value they have added to our cleantech marketing at Climeon and would recommend Orange Bird to any company looking to increase their market potential.”

Lindsey Karlsson,

Marketing & Communications Manager, Climeon

Next Steps

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