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Who We Are

We’re quite a mixed flock striving to enable the transition to a clean and green economy by providing professional marketing services to cleantech, circular and positive impact companies. From marketers, copywriters, SEO professionals, advertising specialists, designers, code addicts, to strategic thinkers and data analysts, it takes a broad range of expertise and skills to make sure we deliver value and help our clients find their target audience faster and serve it better.

The Story Behind the Orange Bird Name

A little bird in a coal mine… Canaries used to be taken underground to save coal miners from poisoning. These little birds were the first to respond to adverse conditions and manifest the presence of life-threatening gases. No wonder birds are included on the list of 14 baseline sustainability indicators of the environment by the British government. They are the first to herald deteriorating changes and are also the hallmarks of sustainability. We, digital birds at Orange Bird Agency, are sincerely concerned about climate change and step in with marketing services for companies that foster sustainability and help humanity to stop accelerating global warming. Like canaries in coal mines, we hope to ring the bell of change and help the clean technologies, products and services that keep our ecosystems safe and thriving to be successful.

Why Orange? Our agency is based in the Netherlands and orange is the embodiment of Dutch positivity and their sense of priorities. That’s why it reflects our own optimism for clean and circular solutions, and a sustainable future as our #1 priority.

Meet the Orange Bird Flock

Alena the Digibird
The Digibird
Alena the Digibird

Leader of the Flock, Strategy, Client Success

Diane the Pipit
The Pipit
Diane the Pipit

Advertising, Copywriting

Jenny the Egret
Jenny the Egret
Jenny the Egret

SEO, Content, Product Management

Kate the Orange Robin
Kate the Orange Robin
Kate the Orange Robin

Copywriting, Product Management

Jamie the Jay
The Jay
Jamie the Jay

CustDev, Go To Market Strategies, Value Research & Definition

Tatsiana the Hawfinch
The Hawfinch
Tatsiana the Hawfinch

SEO, Advertising, PR

Alden the Oriole
The Oriole
Alden the Oriole

Product Management, Content, Strategy

David the Buzzard
The Buzzard
David the Buzzard

Copywriting, Advertising in German

Mary the Nightingale
The Nightingale
Mary the Nightingale

Copywriting, Content Marketing

Louisa the Swallow
The Swallow
Louisa the Swallow

Copywriting, Social Media Marketing

Jackson the Kea
The Kea
Jackson the Kea

PR, Copywriting, Video

Kseniia the Finch
The Finch
Kseniia the Finch

PR, Media Relations

Simon the Heron
The Heron
Simon the Heron

Copywriting, Content Strategy

Alina the Tauraco
The Tauraco
Alina the Tauraco

Graphic Design

Alex the Catbird
The Catbird
Alex the Catbird

Web Development, SEO

Pavel the Sparrow
The Sparrow
Pavel the Sparrow

Web Development

Katya the Flicker
The Flicker
Katya the Flicker

Advertising, Performance Marketing

Layanvi the Hummingbird
The Hummingbird
Layanvi the Hummingbird

Value proposition definition, social media marketing

Owl of Athena Hall

SUSTAINABILITY MARKETING Sustainability Professionals logo

Member: Egret

Brandeis logo

Oriole is a graduate of Social Impact MBA

Jonkoping university logo

Kea is getting his Master Degree in Sustainable Communications

INBOUND MARKETING Hubspot Academy Logo

Certified: Digibird, Egret

SEO Hubspot Academy Logo

Certified: Egret

PUBLIC RELATIONS monash university

Kea holds a Bachelor of Journalism


Jay is certified as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

University Of reading logo

Orange Robin holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

CIM logo

Digibird holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Research, Planning & Management

Linkedln marketing lab logo

Flicker is certified for LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

University virginia logo

Digibird is certified for Business Modeling


Specialists: Pipit, Orange Robin, Egret, Kea, Heron, Oriole, Nightingale, Swallow


Certified: Digibird, Egret

Salesforce Logo

Specialists: Digibird, Egret

MARKETING ANALYTICS Google Analytics logo

Certified: Digibird, Egret, Flicker, Oriole, Catbird, Sparrow

Google Data studio

Certified: Sparrow


Jay is certified for Value Proposition Development

Pavilion logo

Jay is certified as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and is now in training at Enterprise Go-To-Market School

ADVERTISING Google Partner logo

Certified: Digibird, Pipit, Flicker

LinkedIn Marketing Labs Logo

Certified: Flicker

Facebook blueprint logo

Certified: Digibird

EMAIL MARKETING Hubspot Academy Logo

Certified: Egret


Specialists: Tauraco, Kea


Certified: Catbird, Sparrow

Let Orange Birds take care of your marketing! Go, Orange Birds!

How We Work

Orange Birds are agile birds. We see value delivery as the main objective. Therefore, Agile for Orange Bird means

  • Focus on value for the customer
  • Deliver value quickly
  • Work transparently
  • Get frequent customer feedback, adapt and improve
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To make the right decisions in our work we rely on data-driven marketing:

  • We define goals and use clear targets and key performance indicators
  • We track all our online and offline efforts and measure progress using data
  • We continuously set up A/B and multivariate tests
  • We love analyzing data, spotting trends and uncovering new opportunities

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