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Customer Profile:

Name: Intelar
Industry: Energy
Long range motion sensors for lighting control and automatization
Target markets:
Europe, China, Russia
Target audience:
developers of smart cities, smart factories and smart buildings; owners of warehouses, car parkings and gas stations

Intelar is a Moscow-based developer of an energy-saving technology. The company offers long range motion sensors for lighting control and automatisation of large urban and industrial buildings and territories, such as warehouses and parking lots. The Intelar technology results in energy savings of up to 80%, which not only lowers a company’s electricity bills but also helps reduce its CO2 emissions since energy is still largely produced from fossil fuels.


Intelar develops a very promising cleantech product, which has already been awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation’s Efficient Solution Label and sparked interest from multinational companies like PepsiCo and Ikea. Yet Interlar’s presence to date has been limited to almost exclusively the Russian market. Looking to expand into new regions, Intelar tapped the Orange Bird Agency to conduct research and analysis of the markets’ potential and identify ways to brand and market Intelar there. As a full-service sustainability marketing agency with a long-standing expertise in cleantech marketing, Orange Bird eagerly took on the challenge by conducting comprehensive market research and putting together recommendations for positioning and visibility in the new markets.

Intelar develops a very promising cleantech product

How Orange Bird helped

Market research

Buyer Personas Definition. The Orange Bird team started market research by segmenting target audiences and exploring Buyers Personas per segment. Our agency tends to begin the work with every client by describing Buyer Personas for their offering as it helps to get a better grasp of the client’s prospective customers and generate insights for tailoring positioning, messaging, and product development to meet the users’ specific needs, behaviors, and concerns.

For Intelar, our team prepared an extensive list of possible buyers across five target segments and various industries, outlining their potential roles and titles, business problems, buying process and criteria, and keywords that they are likely to use for Google Search. Besides drawing on the Buyer Personas description as a basis for the market research, we also used it to create guidelines for LinkedIn and Google Ads campaigns as it provides a very detailed instruction for targeting the right audiences on those platforms.

Keyword & Market Demand Research. To probe the demand for the Intelar product in various markets, the Orange Bird team researched trends and keywords related to the company’s offering using tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends. The trends and dynamics reported by Google Trends and the average number of searches measured by Google Keyword Planner enabled us to identify and rank countries with the highest interest for such lightning control technologies.

The keyword research not only allowed to establish priority markets for Intelar expansion, but also provided a deeper understanding of the markets and helped detect the best channels for promotion and marketing. In particular, we created a list of frequently searched keywords to be used to create targeted texts and campaigns to reach the Buyers Personas we had defined earlier. Moreover, we also used keyword research and search analysis to formulate recommendations for digital advertising and lead generation campaigns that Intelar can do in the future.

To reinforce the findings from the “online world”, our market research specialists conducted an extensive desk research to review offline trends and projections in the energy efficiency industry by studying reports and white papers shedding light on the industry’s future developments. Based on our comprehensive analysis, we prepared recommendations for Intelar on where to take their business beyond Russia. Specifically, the USA, the UK and Canada were identified as markets with the greatest interest in such energy efficiency technology. Among European countries, the most promising markets were Germany, Spain, France and Portugal as they witnessed the fastest growth in the EPC sector in recent years.

Branding and design

Marketing and sales collateral. Orange Bird also assisted in the development of various graphic and web elements to raise visual appeal and usability of Intelar’s marketing materials. For example, our team designed a set of infographics for the Intelar website to explain in a highly-visual and understandable way how their technology works. In addition, Orange Bird consulted Intelar on the structure and UI of their website to ensure that it contributes to the overall marketing and business objectives. Orange Bird also worked on preparing and improving collateral materials, including a long-form presentation for Western clients.

Branding and naming. Drawing on the keyword research conducted earlier, the Orange Bird team brainstormed and proposed new easy-to-spell and memorise names for the Intelar product to elevate its branding in the new market. Along with the names, we also proposed domains and slogans that Intelar can use to enhance “searchability” online. In the end, Intelar chose one of the proposed options – Light by motion – and started to use it widely in its marketing materials, including incorporating the slogan in the company’s logo and changing the website URL.

In addition, our team initiated the development of Intelar social media presence, which was almost completely lacking when Orange Bird and Intelar first met. In particular, our social media specialist prepared a detailed guideline and content strategy for an Intelat business page on LinkedIn as well as the founder’s personal page, which can be used to raise the company’s overall visibility online.


  • Developed a detailed analysis and description of Buyer Personas, along with their possible titles, interests, and keywords, that can be used for targeting marketing campaigns
  • Identified priority markets for Intelar expansion and prepared recommendations for marketing in those markets
  • Prepared an exhaustive list of keywords that enabled to tailor messaging, content and product development
  • Introduced a new product name and slogan for Intelar’s lighting control technology, which the company embraced to market the product
  • Assisted with the design of marketing materials
  • Prepared recommendations on improving the design and usability of Intelar’s website to ensure it contributes to the marketing and business objectives

“The decision to cooperate with Orange Bird Agency was made primarily due to the specialisation of this agency in the field of efficient use of natural resources, energy efficiency and sustainable development. The marketing agency working in this area is aware of global trends, significant events, major players and ways to reach people who make decisions with regards to the sustainable development in various companies, cities and countries.

Thus, all that was left for us was to explain to the Orange Bird team members some of the technical features of our product and the work started in full swing. The team uses modern business applications, for example, such as Targetprocess, which allows me to track the project in real-time and see what has been done, what the team is working on and what is planned for the near future. We are highly satisfied with the excellent results. Special thanks to the team for their conscientious approach and positive attitude. I recommend this agency to everyone, especially if you work in the field of clean technologies and sustainable development.”

Victor Verbovsky,

CEO, Intelar LLC

Next Steps

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