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For People and Planet

Orange Bird helps sustainable brands communicate their mission and value through purposeful marketing content.

At Orange Bird, we are dedicated to using our marketing skills and global experience to support organizations which are working toward climate action, a healthy planet, and a sustainable circular economy. Educate and activate your target audience with the help of high quality marketing content from our team of cleantech copywriters, sustainability content writers and environmentally-conscious marketing experts.

Sustainable Marketing Copywriters

We specialize in sustainability topics for cleantech, climate tech and circular companies.

Our content developers and marketing specialists at Orange Bird have flocked together precisely because of our shared concern about climate change. Our values motivate us, and our specialized experience in topics such as climate solutions, biodiversity, conservation, regeneration, and circularity equips us to serve climate action companies around the globe.

As a sustainability-focused marketing agency, we are experienced with creating cleantech content marketing that presents technical and scientific topics in an accurate, engaging and interesting way to various types of audiences.

Let’s team together to share your message for a healthier planet.

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How Orange Bird Helps

We’ll help you achieve your marketing goals with sustainable content marketing services such as:

  • Identifying the targeted audiences that align with your business goals and value proposition.
  • Conducting topic research and interviewing experts.
  • Providing high quality, information-rich copywriting for blogs, articles, white papers, website content, social media posts, webinars, podcasts or other media.
  • Promoting your content to your audience through a full spectrum of additional marketing services including web development, social media, PR services, and more.

Multilingual Content Marketing Service

Orange Bird has talented, native-speaker copywriters in English, Dutch and German to help you create sustainable marketing content for the regional, national and global audiences of your climate solutions.

Have a look at some examples of cleantech marketing content we’ve developed for clients:

Reports for Climeon,
a clean energy company
Knowledge Center Articles for SurfCleaner,
a cleantech company that specializes
in removing water pollution
Blog Articles for iFarm,
a greentech company that specializes
in indoor farms
Case Study for CanvasLogic,
a creator of digital product
configurator software
example of case study marketing content from Orange Bird Marketing Agency Read Full Article
“Orange Bird’s knowledge and experience have enabled us to achieve our objectives, while the team’s commitment to understanding the more complex technical aspects of our product highlights their professionalism and enthusiasm.”
“As well as Orange Bird’s in-depth knowledge of sustainability marketing, their experience in Dutch, Polish and other European markets was extremely advantageous. With a multi-lingual team, circular mindset and unwavering professionalism, we knew we wanted to work with Orange Bird from the get-go.”
Deko Eko