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in the CleanTech Sector

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Customer Profile:

Name: SurfCleaner AB
Industry: Cleantech
A cleantech solution that separates and removes pollutants floating on the surface of water such as oil, microplastics, sludge and debris.
Target markets: 
Scandinavia, Europe, North America and the Middle East
Target audience: 
Environmental officers, process managers and decision-makers at wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities, coast guards, refineries and oil ports.

Key Results

SEO and Content Marketing

Website visitors grew by


SEO and Content Marketing


increase in organic traffic in one quarter

SEO and Content Marketing

Top ranking

on Google for multiple keywords

SEO and Content Marketing


increase in organic search traffic

PPC Digital Advertising:
Campaign 1

10X higher

than the average CTR

8.6X lower

than the median average CPC

PPC Digital Advertising:
Campaign 2

2.2X higher

than the average CTR

6.6X lower

than the median average CPC

PPC Digital Advertising


high quality leads generated in two years


SurfCleaner’s mission is to increase access to cleaner water; reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions around the world; and collect contaminants and waste from the water’s surface, so they can be recycled, re-used, and re-enter the circular economy.

Based in Sweden, this innovative company created a unique skimmer separator hybrid device for cleaning polluted water which achieves 100% separation and recovery of floating contaminants like oil, sludge and microplastics from water bodies. SurfCleaner devices are used by industries, municipalities, and water authorities to clean up oil spills and remove pollutants, while greatly reducing CO2 and VOC emissions. SurfCleaner devices return clean water to the system for resource conservation and environmental sustainability and, therefore, contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation. 

SurfCleaner is supported by EIT InnoEnergy through Boostaway, a program for scale- up cleantech organizations expanding into new markets. In Sweden, SurfCleaner Skimmer Separator Hybrids have been in operation since 2001.

Christina Lundbäck founder of SurfCleaner is pictured with one of the company’s skimmer separator hybrids
Christina Lundbäck, founder of SurfCleaner, challenged Orange Bird to increase the brand’s global growth.

Cleantech Marketing Challenge

When SurfCleaner embarked on a global expansion initiative in 2020, they tasked Orange Bird with increasing brand awareness in new and existing markets and generating new leads for the brand’s proprietary clean water solutions.

To enable SurfCleaner to achieve its goals, Orange Bird provided a range of sustainable marketing services, including:

How Orange Bird helped

The Orange Bird team was excited to get to work helping SurfCleaner share its clean water solutions with a global audience.

Market Research

Orange Bird researched and identified the Buyer Personas who would most benefit from SurfCleaner’s solutions. These buyer personas gave SurfCleaner and Orange Bird a better understanding of target audience segments, their motivations, needs and pain points and formed the basis of a new, integrated marketing strategy. Additionally, Orange Bird created a Lead Journey Map to identify critical touchpoints throughout the customer journey and facilitate lead nurturing at every stage of the customer experience.

Website Design, Development, Migration + Optimization

Orange Bird helped SurfCleaner redesign its website with multilingual functionality and geotargeting to reach a global audience, improving the UX and increasing SEO rankings in the process.

Orange Bird redesigned and optimized the SurfCleaner website for a better user experience and improved search engine ranking.
Orange Bird redesigned and optimized the SurfCleaner website for a better user experience and improved search engine ranking.

Orange Bird’s in-house web development team coded the new website, built the infrastructure and integrated content management system, WordPress, to give SurfCleaner full flexibility with future updates.

To make sure the website guides users through the customer journey, Orange Bird prepared optimized content that reflects the needs of SurfCleaner’s Buyer Personas, incorporating pillar pages, subtopics, landing pages and navigation to propel users through the funnel.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To enable prospective customers reach the SurfCleaner website, Orange Bird performed technical SEO optimisations to increase site speed, security and performance, leading to page loading times being cut in half and supporting SurfCleaner’s goal of achieving higher SERPs rankings.

Orange Bird conducted keyword research to identify core topics and subtopics for each target audience segment. This research guided the development of targeted content marketing pieces and formed the basis of SurfCleaner’s on-page SEO strategy.

The Agency also analyzed and secured authoritative backlinks to increase brand awareness and improve SEO rankings via off-page SEO., ultimately increasing SurfCleaner’s backlinks by 4X.

  Content Marketing

Orange Bird’s cleantech copywriters researched and delivered informative and engaging content pieces for a range of channels and buyer personas, including blog posts, articles and social media content. This content has been carefully crafted to reflect the brand’s ethos and explore topics that are relevant to SurfCleaner’s target audiences.

Using content marketing to establish SurfCleaner as a cleantech thought leader, Orange Bird has increased brand awareness, achieved high rankings for core keywords and maximized the impact with professionally designed templates, graphics and images.

By drafting and publishing several information-rich, optimized articles about SurfCleaner’s core topics, Orange Bird increased organic traffic by 75% and improved the search ranking position of 40 keywords.

Digital Advertising

The Agency launched, managed and optimized multi-channel advertising campaigns across Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

With consistent monitoring, Orange Bird implemented valuable optimization strategies to maximize SurfCleaner’s advertising ROI, including:

  • Audience targeting
  • A/B testing
  • Keyword research
  • Conversion and bidding optimization

Over the course of two years, Orange Bird executed numerous digital advertising campaigns for SurfCleaner, securing 975 high-quality leads and impressive campaign metrics, such as:

LinkedIn Advertising Campaign for Cleantech Company, SurfCleaner
Conversion rate
Industry benchmark
Click-through rate
Cost-per-click (CPC)
Industry benchmark
€7.46 – €10.31
Industry benchmark
€13.24 – €309.01
SurfCleaner 1
SurfCleaner 2
SurfCleaner 3

In 2023, we launched additional campaigns targeting a new, sector-specific market for SurfCleaner. Using LinkedIn Ads to reach the brand’s target Buyer Personas, Orange Bird crafted two campaigns to:

  • Increase brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to the website
  • Generate high quality, in-platform leads

Both campaigns outperformed industry benchmarks by significant margins and secured targeted traffic and lucrative leads for SurfCleaner, while reducing their ad spend and maximizing the ROI.

Brand Awareness and Website Visits

In just 10 days, Orange Bird converted a modest budget into a thriving campaign with

an average click-
through rate (CTR)
a cost-per-click (CPC)
EUR 1.03

That’s 10X higher than the average CTR and 8.6X lower than the median average CPC. The result? More clicks and lower costs!

In-Platform Leads

After running for only three weeks, Orange Bird’s lead gen campaign for SurfCleaner achieved:

a cost-per-lead (CPL)
EUR 22.23

That equates to 2.2X higher than the average CTR and 6.6X lower than the median average CPL. Want to outperform global advertising benchmarks too? Find out how with Orange Bird.

A sample of the ads Orange Bird created for SurfCleaner’s targeted digital advertising campaigns
A sample of the ads Orange Bird created for SurfCleaner’s targeted digital advertising campaigns.
Marketing Campaign Results

Orange Bird’s knowledge of the cleantech landscape proved to be an important asset for SurfCleaner, enabling them to broaden their reach to a global audience and generate a consistent flow of qualified leads.

Firstly, we conducted market research and created Buyer Personas to identify target markets and ensure that the leads generated were of high quality and high potential.

Following this, we implemented SEO and content marketing strategies to enhance SurfCleaner’s organic search performance. In just one year:

website visitors grew by
40% increase
in organic traffic in just one quarter

Additionally, Orange Bird improved SurfCleaner’s search engine rankings for more than 40 keywords, achieving the top ranking position on Google for multiple keywords and enhancing the quality of incoming organic traffic.

Subsequent performance analysis showed Orange Bird’s content marketing and SEO efforts increased organic traffic by

To acquire even more top-quality leads from within SurfCleaner’s target market, Orange Bird devised multiple digital advertising PPC campaigns. Our most recent campaigns focused on generating brand awareness and leads from a new, sector-specific market, achieving:

Campaign 1

10X higher

than the average CTR

8.6X lower

than the median average CPC

Campaign 2

2.2X higher

than the average CTR

6.6X lower

than the median average CPC

Our ongoing collaboration with SurfCleaner highlights the efficacy of our cleantech marketing services and exemplifies the results that can be achieved when you combine cleantech expertise with marketing experience and industry knowledge.

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What Does SurfCleaner Say About Their Collaboration
With Orange Bird?

“When searching for a sustainability marketing agency, Orange Bird’s expertise and environmental awareness were a major factor in our decision-making. As a Sweden-based cleantech firm, we were eager to work with marketers who understood our target market and could assist us in reaching a global audience, and Orange Bird has certainly delivered.
Having researched our market, developed Buyer Personas and re-designed and optimized our website, the Agency ensured we were primed for success. Subsequent brand awareness and lead generation campaigns have delivered impressive results, with ongoing cleantech digital outreach and SMM raising our profile within our target industries.
Orange Bird’s knowledge and experience have enabled us to achieve our objectives, while the team’s commitment to understanding the more complex technical aspects of our product highlights their professionalism and enthusiasm.
After working with other marketing agencies in the past, we’re confident that Orange Bird goes over and above to deliver outstanding climate tech marketing services in a cost-effective and measurable way. Their actions are always results-driven, campaigns are consistently monitored, and real-time project updates are available via shared platforms, which makes it easy for us to collaborate. We’re delighted to be working with the Orange Bird team and strongly endorse the Agency’s innovative and effective cleantech marketing services.”

Roger Eriksson,

Head of Marketing, SurfCleaner

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