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on Monday May 24, 2021

7 Pro Tips for Generating First-Class Leads with LinkedIn

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on Sunday March 17, 2019

Google Optimize Enables Quick Launch of Personalized Landing Pages

Swift and timely reaction is half the battle for a digital marketer. However, things change too quickly to foresee what kind of content – titles, texts, links, images, videos, etc. – will be more relevant for users or for a specific segment of users at a certain moment or at a certain location.

For example, we often feel the need to adjust one landing page to different ad groups in a Google Ads campaign – I’ve personally faced that problem numerous times. It happens when most of the content from a landing page reflects the needs of different user segments targeted by the ad groups, yet I’d love to make some minor changes (like change the title and replace some keywords and phrases, add a link) to meet the needs of each segment better. Definitely, one can create multiple pages based on the original landing page, however, this is hardly a viable solution: such pages do not get listed in a sitemap, become outdated and completely forgotten. It takes plenty of time to create, develop, maintain and remove them in time.