on Wednesday March 8, 2023

For Climate Solutions to Cross the Chasm, Start with Customers Ready for Change

Time is of the essence in the fight against climate change. Fortunately, there is no shortage of companies with innovative climate and circular solutions, accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels 💚 At Orange Bird, our goal is to help these companies achieve significant commercial success, therefore amplifying their environmental impact.

However, such solutions often have more barriers to market entry and prosperity than conventional products or services.

We were grateful to be able to write for Sustainable Brands, sharing recommendations and specific tips on how companies can cross the chasm and win the mainstream market. E.g. how to target and win Heads of Procurement and Heads of Innovation in cleantech marketing campaigns and how to do it cost-effectively. Read our article and let us know if you need help in implementing the recommendations 👋🏻

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