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Insights from Adapt Your World 2024 for Climate Tech and NatureTech

“Protecting the Climate, Strengthening the Economy: Actions that Pay Off”

A simple yet powerful message adorned billboards across Munich on April 25th, resonating with attendees of Adapt Your World 2024 — the first venture and innovation conference focused on creating a climate-resilient world. Sincerely keen on helping to solve the climate crisis, our climate tech marketing agency enthusiastically joined the conference and is happy to share the insights and impressions from the event.

A billboard with text - Protecting the Climate, Strengthening the Economy: Actions that Pay Off, as seen in the streets of Munich.

Image: a billboard with text – Protecting the Climate, Strengthening the Economy: Actions that Pay Off, as seen in the streets of Munich.

Economic Benefits of Protecting Nature

The urgency of the message cannot be overstated. More people need to realize that the destruction of nature will result in more significant economic downturns than the 2008 financial crisis or the COVID-19 pandemic, as highlighted by The Guardian.

The financial implications are staggering. Richard Youngman, CEO of the Cleantech Group, which has been tracking related trends since 2002, warns that 3-5% of GDP per year is at risk for every country. Annika Zawadzki, Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), estimates the annual cost of inaction for companies at 8-15% EBITDA.

It was encouraging to hear pragmatic voices from several venture capital firms at Adapt Your World 2024 not only acknowledging the economic losses due to the rapid depletion of the natural world but also emphasizing the vast opportunities available for those who invest in climate solutions and nature restoration.

The conference was a breath of fresh air, offering hope that we can still set our civilization on the right course: the event demonstrated that people with decision-making power and financial resources are beginning to see both the problem and the rationale for investing in solutions.

Startup founders presented fascinating technologies designed to protect nature and make urban environments more resilient, echoing the investors’ sentiments and underscoring the significant business opportunities they foresee. NatureTech companies like VIDA, OroraTech, AMPERIAL Technologies, Dryad Networks, RedLines, Arctic Reflections, Alganize, and Hula Earth showcased their innovative solutions.

Sustainable business expert Tina Teucher captivated the audience with her inspiring presentation, showcasing practical examples of how people have come together to solve major environmental challenges.

Sustainable business expert Tina Teucher at Adapt Your World 24

Image: Sustainable business expert Tina Teucher at Adapt Your World 24

The impressive lineup of speakers and the high level of professionalism at the conference made it hard to believe that Ulrich Seitz and his team organized the event in just three months.

For a more personal take on Adapt Your World 2024, check out our LinkedIn article, where our founder Alena Kuz shares her impressions and highlights such as a guided group meditation and returning home to a country celebrating King’s Day 👑🇳🇱 

A Role for Climate Tech Marketing

Adapt Your World 2024 demonstrated the incredible potential we have for making  a real difference. Protecting the climate and strengthening the economy are not mutually exclusive — they are deeply connected. A vision that is close to our heart as climate tech marketers.

Let’s embrace this vision and work together to build a sustainable and prosperous future. If you’re aligned with this message and want to explore working together to market your climate solution, contact us 🌿

We’ve helped numerous climate tech companies scale their impact with professional and effective marketing, let’s discuss how this climate tech marketing expertise can help your company 👋

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