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‘Breaking Boundaries’ – and what it means for our future

In Netflix blockbuster, ‘Don’t Look Up!’, we see scientists desperately trying to warn society of impending doom only to be met with derision, criticism and inaction. Sound familiar?! It should.

The scientific community has been warning us about climate change and its impact on humanity for decades, yet we’ve been slow to act. Now, evidence shows that we’re at a ‘critical tipping point’, with a limited amount of time to save the planet from irreversible change.

In another compelling Netflix release, Sir David Attenborough, Professor Johan Rockström and a host of scientists explain why we’re at the point of no return when it comes to saving – or scorching – the planet and why we must ‘Look Up’ and take action.

Dont Look Up

Don’t Look Up! Source: Netflix


Whether it’s the record-breaking temperatures in Europe,forest fires in Australia or flooding in Germany, the signs of planetary decline are all around us. Yet we’re still slow to ‘Look Up’ and act. After viewing ‘Breaking Boundaries’, however, you’ll be in no doubt that change is needed now.

Having established a “planetary boundaries framework”, Professor Johan Rockström identifies the nine boundaries that we must not exceed if we want to stabilise planet earth. The sobering warning that we’ve already exceeded many of them highlights the urgency that’s needed if we’re going to return from the brink of “irreversible change”.

Read on to find out how we can bring the planet back from the precipice and why circular economies and circularity marketing are at the heart of the solution.

What’s the Impact of ‘Breaking Boundaries’?

Until relatively recently, we’ve enjoyed a period of planetary stabilisation, known as the Holocene. Now, however, we have moved into a far more dangerous state – the Anthropocene. Human behaviour has significantly changed how the planet functions, which leaves us in a precarious position if we want to protect our future. As the main drivers of planetary change, humankind has a lot to answer for – and a lot to do!

The nine boundaries identified by Professor Rockström et al – climate, nutrients, biodiversity, freshwater, forests, CO² emissions, air pollution, novel entities and the ozone layer – all provide us with clear indicators that we’re pushing the planet into a state that’s beyond repair.

Breaking Boundaries

The Nine Planetary Boundaries. Source: Stockholm Resilience Centre.


Despite the stark warnings issued in ‘Breaking Boundaries’, the documentary manages to inspire and compel, rather than dishearten and demotivate. Certainly, at Orange Bird, our team was more determined than ever to recommit to sustainability and circularity marketing after viewing the documentary.

As Professor Johan Rockström and his colleagues opined, we have faced catastrophic planetary decline in the past and made positive changes to safeguard the environment and our future. Now, we simply need to apply the same urgency and passion to the boundaries that we’re currently exceeding and return to the ‘safe zone’.

Protecting Our Future with Circularity

There are many ways that we can take action to stop the continued destruction of the planet and, in ‘Breaking Boundaries’, scientists provide us with surprisingly easy ways to have a positive impact. However, there is one solution that is likely to have the biggest impact:

“Circular economies are fundamental if we are to stand a chance of providing good lives for all citizens of the world.” – Professor Johan Rockström, Joint Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

At Orange Bird, we’ve been long-term advocates for regenerative companies, which is why we’re a circular economy marketing agency. By helping sustainable businesses to achieve their goals, we’re proud to play a role in stabilising the planet and safeguarding the future.

Are You Ready to ‘Look Up’?

If you’re ready to ‘Look Up!’ and become part of the solution, find out how Orange Bird can help you launch or scale your circular business. Drop us a line now or book 2 free hours of professional advice from a circular economy marketing agency and find out what Orange Bird can do for your brand!

Or, if you are a marketer, PR specialist or would love creating ads for our clients, please write to us as well!

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