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on Wednesday March 8, 2023

For Climate Solutions to Cross the Chasm, Start with Customers Ready for Change

Time is of the essence in the fight against climate change. Fortunately, there is no shortage of companies with innovative climate and circular solutions, accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels 💚 At Orange Bird, our goal is to help these companies achieve significant commercial success, therefore amplifying their environmental impact.

However, such solutions often have more barriers to market entry and prosperity than conventional products or services.

We were grateful to be able to write for Sustainable Brands, sharing recommendations and specific tips on how companies can cross the chasm and win the mainstream market. E.g. how to target and win Heads of Procurement and Heads of Innovation in cleantech marketing campaigns and how to do it cost-effectively. Read our article and let us know if you need help in implementing the recommendations 👋🏻

on Tuesday August 25, 2020

7 Waste-to-Energy Projects in WasteAdvantage Magazine

While cooperating with a cleantech company, we did research on technologies that enable sustainable transformation of waste into clean energy.

We discovered a variety of absolutely amazing waste-to-energy companies producing electricity from soya beans, methanol from non-compostable solid waste, and plasma gasification plants.

As a result, we described such projects in an article, which got published by the WasteAdvantage Magazine.

Check it out to discover what waste-to-energy technologies are on the market as well as who and how can benefit from such projects.

on Tuesday July 21, 2020

Elemental Water Makers Featured by Solar Impulse Foundation

The Solar Impulse Foundation is well-known for its challenge of selecting 1000 solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way. Elemental Water Makers is among these solutions.

In order to increase the visibility of EWM among potential customers and investors, we wrote an article about their technology for the Solar Impulse Foundation’s website.

Read the article to find out how Elemental Water Makers’ solution makes seawater drinkable with zero harm to the environment while creating a profit for a small island community in the Philippines.

on Friday May 29, 2020

A Use Case of Ecological Desalination for the Water Quality Products Magazine

In order to raise awareness about Elemental Water Makers’ technology among the professional community and potential customers, Orange Bird has written an article describing how EWM built a solar-powered seawater reverse osmosis (RO) plant, which now provides the community of a small island in the Philippines with 5,000 liters of fresh water a day with zero carbon emissions.

The editor of WQP Mag placed it in the June 2020 issue as “Off-Grid Solution” and on the website. Read the article to learn about the desalination process, which is both ecological and economical.