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What is the effect of good social media marketing? Greater brand awareness, a stronger reputation, increased loyalty from customers, more interaction and engagement. These are a selection of what’s possible with social media marketing. The foundation is a good social media strategy and fun. Dare to have fun with your social media, because you radiate that feeling of joy to your customers. How do you tell your story using the right channel at the right time? Orange Bird creates your social media strategy, takes care of your content and advertisements, and provides your customers with excellent webcare. This creates measurable results. More leads. More conversions.

Social Media Marketing selection

What do you want to achieve with your social media marketing? The possibilities are endless. The only real question is what aspect your company should focus on.

Brand awareness

Focusing on brand awareness increases the loyalty of current customers while new ones are more likely to choose your brand. Increasing brand awareness requires more than simply creating a lot of posts and paying for advertisements. You also need to be active in relevant groups and discussions so your name is seen often and remains in people’s memories.


People identify with companies that are real. The more you show yourself as a human company, the more customers feel connected to you. Post behind the scenes photos and videos, share your joys and thoughts, show your character. It all revolves around emotions and authenticity.

Input from customers

Customers like to share their opinions online. With a single mouse click or swipe, they leave a comment, review or even a complaint. Consumer power is increasing. Manage these interactions to drive opinion in the right direction. Thank people for positive feedback. Respond quickly and appropriately to criticism to show you’re listening to customers. Strengthen your image as a reliable partner.

Sharing through word of mouth

There’s no better promotion than a recommendation from a friend. A customer who recommends your company to someone says so much more than a paid advertisement. Make sure customers recommend your company by being on the right platforms.


Your customer sees a post and has a question. He responds by leaving a comment or sending a message. It’s important to respond quickly and with the right tone of voice. A timely and adequate answer shows your reliability and turns a consumer with a question into a loyal customer.

How do we help you succeed?

Our first step is always a conversation with you. Together, we discover how to add value to your company through social media marketing. What do you want to achieve with your social media channels? Which target groups do you want to appeal to and what do those target groups expect from you? Do you already have a comprehensive Customer Journey Map, or is this a step that we need to take together?

When we have clear answers to these questions we’ll start creating and scheduling your social content. Every month we analyze the results and adjust the strategy if necessary. We always like to have a clear line of communication open. This allows us to keep you updated with results. We also like to hear about any current issues relevant to you.

Why Orange Bird

  • Experienced in social media marketing
  • Passion for stimulating Cleantech and Greentech
  • Short lines: fast adjustments when needed
  • Data-driven approach

We love social media. We have a broad range of knowledge and always keep abreast of the latest developments in a rapidly changing landscape. Our team thrives when it can use its expertise for the promotion of Cleantech and Greentech services and products.

We work Agile. We deliver demonstrable value for our customers quickly. We regularly discuss our progress based on feedback from our customers and make adjustments where necessary. We ensure we have a thorough understanding of the target group, so we can always keep the perspective of the end user in mind. The goal, to be as relevant as possible to your customers. After all, a happy consumer becomes a loyal customer, and that makes our clients happy too.

We often hear it’s impossible to provide clear insights into the results of social media marketing, to show how the costs you incur relate to the bottom line of your company? At Orange Bird, we know it’s possible to measure the results of social media marketing. Depending on your goals, we prepare KPIs that help us deploy your budget as efficiently as possible. How do we achieve this? Let’s discuss it over a decent cup of coffee.

How you succeed with our services

Creating a Social Media Strategy with a clear focus on the end customer.
We create a clear Social Media Strategy. You know your target group, you know which channels to use for what purpose and you have measurable KPIs.
Creating and managing content
Our copywriters deliver content tailored to your target group that informs, inspires and seduces. You notice your name recognition growing and the number of conversions increasing.
Social Media Advertising
We create catchy advertisements that reach the right target group. Your brand awareness grows and you immediately see an increasing number of conversions.
We assist customers with all their comments, complaints and questions. This displays customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to your company.

Customer Stories

Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam challenged us to get more young people (25-40) in its classrooms. The Customer Journey Map we made for this target group, above all, demonstrated the importance of the use of social media. We have therefore updated their existing Facebook page and created an Instagram account. The goal? Greater brand awareness among the younger target group and tackling questions the target group has before he or she decides to register for a course. In addition to organic posts, we also promote the courses through paid advertisements. By continuing to fine-tune the target groups and constantly testing the various segments, we achieve more conversions at lower costs. We’ve discovered that the cost per conversion in social media advertising is significantly lower than other options, for example, Google Ads. The available advertising budget thus leads to more conversions and it reaches the intended audience. This results in a clearly visible (and measurable) rejuvenation of the students in the school desks.

Targetprocess is an Agile software platform for work and portfolio management that helps organizations align their strategy, product management and team deployment to achieve true business flexibility. We use social media to highlight new functionalities, promote events and share feedback from end users. Through interaction with (potential) users, Targetprocess has increased its brand awareness and become a familiar face within the industry. We use LinkedIn for B2B advertising when appropriate. We are very enthusiastic about the possibilities LinkedIn offers to select exactly the right target groups. Our enthusiasm is shared by the Targetprocess sales team, as the leads that are generated via LinkedIn prove to be very valuable for one of our longest standing customers.

Let’s join forces

Our team is committed to achieving your goals, we put our heart and soul into every campaign. The more people and organizations that hear about Cleantech and Greentech, the faster we can all make the transition to a cleaner economy. Feel free to contact us to see how we can work together to promote your products or services.

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