on Sunday June 9, 2019

Highlights of Cleantech Forum Europe 2019

Brief summary of this article:

The Setting

Stockholm has become the host for Cleantech Forum Europe for the second time and we definitely know why: from the moment of landing in the city’s airport you feel both the culture of innovation and the focus on climate change mitigation: you are reminded about it literally at every step of the Arlanda airport.

The city itself is built on 14 islands. As a result, the city is uniquely beautiful. However, the beauty of this Northern Venice is so tender and fragile in spring that you cannot help but want to preserve it. Such a worthwhile business case for innovating with clean technologies in view of the imminent climate crisis!


on Sunday March 17, 2019

Google Optimize Enables Quick Launch of Personalized Landing Pages

Swift and timely reaction is half the battle for a digital marketer. However, things change too quickly to foresee what kind of content – titles, texts, links, images, videos, etc. – will be more relevant for users or for a specific segment of users at a certain moment or at a certain location.

For example, we often feel the need to adjust one landing page to different ad groups in a Google Ads campaign – I’ve personally faced that problem numerous times. It happens when most of the content from a landing page reflects the needs of different user segments targeted by the ad groups, yet I’d love to make some minor changes (like change the title and replace some keywords and phrases, add a link) to meet the needs of each segment better. Definitely, one can create multiple pages based on the original landing page, however, this is hardly a viable solution: such pages do not get listed in a sitemap, become outdated and completely forgotten. It takes plenty of time to create, develop, maintain and remove them in time.


on Thursday March 14, 2019

Dare to Have 90% More Leads in Your Pipeline

Before the rise of the software tools which provide visibility into which companies visit your website, sales people and business development managers in B2B companies had rather gloomy and depressing careers: it involved a lot of cold calling.

    Cold for at least these two reasons:
  • You had to call “cold” companies, i.e. who in 99% of cases had no idea about your company’s existence and, what is worse, had no need in its services or products
  • Speaking with such companies and hearing “No, do not bother me again” in 99% of the calls (which make up most of your working time) psychologically was cold to the point of freezing. Only the strongest would resist depression and would not give up.

on Monday February 25, 2019

Conferences Your Potential Investors Will Attend in 2019

Sometimes finding the right investors for your product or service idea doesn’t include cold calling or chasing down leads (although that is a huge part of it). Instead, sometimes finding the right investor means being in the right place at the right time.

This doesn’t mean you should count on the astronomical odds of bumping into one on the metro train either. This means that you need to go where the investors go, especially to conferences that are important to your market. In this case, if you aren’t making your presence known at the conferences, you’re networking wrong.


on Monday February 18, 2019

Sustainability: Term, Resources, Events

Orange Bird – Agile marketing agency unites people who are concerned about climate change, the acceleration of it by human activity and the consequences it can cause globally. Here we would like to concentrate on the origins and brief history of sustainability, its modern meaning, the resources and the events which can be helpful for those who are willing to make their business sustainable or already have a sustainable business and would like to develop it further.