on Friday February 21, 2020

We Live in an Outdated System

5 main takeaways from the ChangeNOW speech of Bertrand Piccard – the man who flew around the world using just solar energy

At the onset of the Industrial Revolution (right when humanity started to emit CO2 at a climate affecting scale), the French started to organise international expositions to showcase the advances of industrialisation. Now, 150 years later, at the onset of a social and environmental revolution, Paris reclaims its leadership position to reverse the negative effects of industrialisation and holds the first World Expo of Solutions for the Planet.


on Friday January 31, 2020

8 Awards You Should Apply for to Recognise Your Company’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability has become a buzzword today. Companies increasingly use it to brand themselves, even though they often aren’t genuinely committed to business practices that benefit people and the planet. So, how can your company stand out in such a cluttered environment?

One of the ways to get credible recognition as a cleantech or positive impact company is to win an award that honors businesses committed to lasting and sustainable results. Such awards will enable you to showcase your product or technology, as well as to prove to your potential partners, investors, employees, and customers that you’re a mission-driven company with strong values.


on Monday December 9, 2019

New Digital Opportunities for Your Online Campaigns (Part 1)

Whether you want to increase visibility for your brand or sell more online, you can hardly do without ads on Social Media and Search engines, Google in particular. In a bid to win the advertiser, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google are constantly improving their platforms and offering a more personalised experience, more granular audience targeting, more prominent “real estate” for ads to grab online users’ attention. Here we look into the most interesting updates from the Social Media giants and Google, and the ad functionality they have introduced recently but which is not widely used yet. In the first part, we’ll go over opportunities from Facebook and its digital products, Instagram and WhatsApp.


on Tuesday November 12, 2019

Customer Story: Deko Eko is Transforming the Waste Management Industry

The world is moving towards sustainability in different ways. We are all aware of value from renewable energy, wastewater treatment, clean vehicles and waste recycling. But did you know that waste upcycling gives a second life to your waste much faster and with less energy expended?

jewelry from upcycled materials

on Thursday July 4, 2019

Once Upon a Time, There Was… a Young Woman from Amsterdam

Customer Journey Mapping in 4 steps

Once upon a time there was… a young woman from Amsterdam, her name was Anna. Anna is 33 years old, spontaneous, taking steps in her career and very much interested in personal development. This is the story of Anna, who in the end turned out to be Sophie.

Anna represents the large group of female inner-city young adults (25-40) in Amsterdam. A rapidly growing target group, interesting for many companies. Our client Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam offers a wide range of courses and workshops, including language and personal development courses.